Kinds of Courier Services

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Courier services compile several services for the delivery of mobile goods, files, and mail. As there is an extensive range of merchandise involved and each client has different needs, courier businesses offer you various kinds of courier services. When planning to trust courier services to ship your products, it is almost always a fantastic idea to pick the service which satisfies your expectations. Are you looking courier companies in Sydney? No need to go anywhere else just contact Associated Express Couriers NSW Pty Ltd. There are many services to choose from, and your decision should depend on many factors:

Urgency — In case you need your package to be sent as soon as possible, or when time is not your concern;
Cost — The quicker the service, the more expensive it gets;
Size and weight of your parcel — The bigger the package is, the more space it requires from the courier firm’s trucks. Therefore, the bigger and heavier the shipments are, the more you pay;
Your desired delivery area — Usually, the closer you are to the delivery address or nation, the less you’ll pay;
The type of goods being mailed — Some products require special transport conditions, i.e. food or particular products require a temperature-controlled surroundings;
The fragility of your goods — If you’re thinking about sending delicate items, such as wine bottles or electronic products, you might want to opt for the service that ensures that your package gets to its destination safely;
the worth of products being shipped — In case you are shipping high-value goods, you might want them to be delivered as soon as possible, or as safely as possible.
After having these details into consideration, you should start looking for a courier service to ship your parcel. Find below a list of the most common services supplied by courier companies, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Courier Services — Choosing the service that best serves your needs
Conventional Courier services
Standard services are the most frequent types of courier services. These compile shipping providers for standard-sized shipments. The price varies based on the size and weight of the shipment. All these are sometimes the cheapest option. However, the limits in size and weight might be a problem for some. If your package exceeds these dimensions, you will be billed extra, or you may have to investigate freight services rather.

International courier services
Shipping services from 1 nation to another. Here, the prices will vary based on the selected route, ensuring the best transport method is used for this particular route. Worldwide courier services are extremely handy for people living abroad, enabling them to ship their belongings back home. But shipping internationally consistently comes with some restrictions: Some countries have specific legislation for what can or can’t be sent. This necessitates further research, so as not to break any local laws. Additionally, not all couriers ship to every country.

This service is reserved for emergency deliveries. It might come in handy for significant shipments, such as documents. As its name implies, it is the fastest service of all of them, but also the most expensive one in the types of courier services. In any case, there are only as few businesses which provide same-day deliveries.

Pallet transportation services
Courier businesses can also ship goods put on pallets. These kinds of courier services are rather common among business users. However, as the load is larger than a standard shipping assistance, it’s also cheaper. Besides, wooden pallets tend to accumulate bacteria if exposed to moist or humidity, which could be a huge downside for some products.

Overnight providers
Service for those who would like their shipments to be delivered to the following morning/day. The name indicated that the goods are transported to their delivery address overnight. It is good for last minute requests. However, these services aren’t always accessible for all the avenues, since the bigger the distance between two nations, the more it takes to get there.

Other kinds of services provided by courier companies
Warehousing — There are clients that ask their products to be kept in a depot or warehouse. Some courier businesses provide warehousing facilities to their clients, who need to pay according to the number of days the shipments are stored (for occasional storage), or monthly. Apart from giving the courier company more control on the parcels being sent (coverage, scanning, etc.), it might help not just end-consumers, but also businesses. This may be the ideal option for businesses that don’t have their storage facilities or that don’t need such services very frequently;

Extra insurance alternatives — Large part of courier companies consist of basic insurance for all shipments being mailed. But when shipping something with a greater value or fragility, you might want to buy extra insurance. Many courier companies have partnerships with insurance companies, helping you to add extra protection to your products.

Drop-off locations — If you cannot be at home in the moment of pickup or delivery, even some courier companies have drop-off places, where the customers could leave or pick up their packages.